About the Game Art for Lumini

Coming up with an artstyle is never an easy job, but making one for unique games like Lumini is especially challenging. We’re a group of perfectionists, so we put a lot of effort into making all aspects of the game count.   Atmosphere is one of the key points of what makes Lumini great and […]

Hello you!

Thank you for visiting our site. Currently we, here at Speelbaars, are very busy developing Lumini, so you can enjoy our work of art to the fullest once the first playable demo is released. The reason we do this is clear. At least for us it is. We want to create games for people all […]

Welcome to Speelbaars

A game development team called “Speelbaars” was founded by six ambitious students from the HKU school of arts and technology in the Netherlands for their third year project. They had one week to gather their team, come up with a game concept and make a pitch in front of a school jury. That concept was […]