Thank you and goodbye!

The past four years have been a great adventure in which we had the luxury to make friends and experience things all over the world, through the simple act of making video-games. When we started out as students, we had the dream of making a video-game that delivered a new experience and to experience what it was like for ourselves to craft something and actually release it to the world. We achieved that dream and got recognition for it as well. However with a heavy heart, it saddens us to say that our journey as Speelbaars has come to and end (at least for the foreseeable future).
While Lumini brought more creative success and recognition than we ever imagined, financially it didn’t and that is OK. We knew that it was going to be really difficult and that studio’s rarely succeed on their first game. After the release of Lumini back in 2015, our team composition changed many times and we tried multiple things to keep Speelbaars going. We started and canceled projects and we dabbled in work for hire and freelancing on the side. However, somewhere along the line the core idea of Speelbaars got lost. We want to enjoy making video-games that give people something new, something wholesome.
That is why we decided to put Speelbaars on hold indefinitely, we will still be there to answer questions regarding Lumini, but we will go our separate way to start new adventures and learn new things.
We’d like to thank everyone that helped us to achieve our dream of releasing a game. The HKU for teaching us the necessary skills and giving us the freedom to explore the possibility, the Dutch Game Garden for helping us with advice regarding the bussinessside of things and mentoring us individually, and our many many friends that helped us making Lumini better and keeping us sane and entertained during our adventure!

It’s been fun and an honor!

– Speelbaars.

P.S. we have a fully functional multiplayer version of Lumini laying around, ready to be ported for consoles, if a party is interested.