Thank you and goodbye!

The past four years have been a great adventure in which we had the luxury to make friends and experience things all over the world, through the simple act of making video-games. When we started out as students, we had the dream of making a video-game that delivered a new experience and to experience what […]

Christmas Give away!

Hello everyone! We hope everyone is ready and prepared for Christmas! To celebrate this time of peace and solidarity we’re doing a special Christmas give away in which we’ll give away 20 free Lumini keys.   The rules are simple: You’ll not be able to submit yourself for a key (sorry, Christmas is about sharing), […]

The Momocon adventure

A few weeks ago was Momocon; the ultimate 4-day event for fans of anime, comics or games. Speelbaars traveled to Atlanta to showcase Lumini to over 18,000 visitors! Having recovered from my jetlag, I’d like to share our experiences with you, whether you’re a fellow game developer looking to attend events yourself, or if you’re […]

The switch to Unity 5

Our last blog was about the Lumini, the most important creatures in our game. If you’ve missed it, you can find it here. This week’s blog is written by Niels and its topic is the transfer to the new Unity 5 engine. It’s an important topic, because you, like us, might have had some issues, […]

Lumini – Our main creatures; the Lumini

Last time, Dilay told you guys about some of the concept art of our game, if you didn’t read our previous blog yet, be sure to read it here. This week’s blog is written by me; Rogier. I’m responsible for a majority of the Lumini creatures in our game. What are the Lumini? The majority […]

Lumini – Concept art

Previously, Michiel explained the importance of environmental storytelling and how this is relevant to the game Lumini. If you missed this, you can read all about it here. In this blog, I will explain how this, in turn, is important in creating concept art. Concept art is an important part of any design process since […]

Lumini – Environmental Storytelling

In the previous blog Olof wrote about how we visually built the game environments of Lumini. If you missed it, you can read it here. The last time I wrote a blog for Lumini was more than a year ago about the overall Game Art. This time I will talk about the environmental storytelling of […]

Lumini – Building the world

In the last blog we published, Niels talked about the technical aspect of world construction within the game Lumini (if you missed it, you can read it here). This week I, Olof, will talk about the visual side of building the world in which Lumini takes place. As Niels explained, the world in Lumini is […]

Lumini – World construction

Last time I explained a bit about the level loading process (if you missed it, you can read it here), but there is more to the world of Lumini, much more! Many games today use procedural generation as a way to create vast worlds with a lot of content. We chose not to. We chose […]

The continuous world of Lumini

(Cover art on Frontpage by Dilay Erol) If you’ve ever had the opportunity to play a version of Lumini, you might have noticed the lack of loading- and cutscenes. That’s because we want Lumini to be a game of uninterrupted movement. The swarm behaviour, one of the most significant features of the Lumini experience (as […]