Christmas Give away!

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is ready and prepared for Christmas!

To celebrate this time of peace and solidarity we’re doing a special Christmas give away in which we’ll give away 20 free Lumini keys.

The rules are simple:

You’ll not be able to submit yourself for a key (sorry, Christmas is about sharing), but you’ll submit someone else. A friend, family member, colleague, stranger, anyone you think deserves a free copy of Lumini.

You’ll be able to submit the name and the reason why you think this person deserves a key for Christmas in the form below.

December the 24th we’ll decide out of all your stories and submissions, who the 20 lucky people will be that will receive a key, to make their Christmas a little bit more joyfull and relaxed!

Winners will receive the key through e-mail and will be able to gift them to their nominee themselves (We’ll trust that you won’t keep the key for yourself in the spirit of Christmas).