Speelbaars is a Dutch game studio that released their debut game ‘Lumini’ in September 2015. After the release of Lumini, Steven Honders and Niels Koopmans decided to not only focus on making entertainment games, but to try and help society by incoorperating games and game elements into difficult social cultural issues and questions. The aim is to make difficult complicated issues approachable for everyone in a fun, but also educating way. So that people better understand eachother and the issues that plague society.
Speelbaars currently consists of:



Niels Koopmans is Game Designer and Programmer at Speelbaars.
He is often called a robot, coding for many hours straight. His focus actually keeps him sane during long days, with those strange people around him. He is busy with almost everything gamedesign related and builds large portions of the game in Unity c#. His goal in life is to climb a waterfall like any determined fish should.

You can find Niels’ site at www.koopmansgamedesign.nl

Follow Niels on twitter @Niels_Koopmans,
or become friends on Facebook: facebook.com/koopmans.niels



Steven is the loud one of the group, he also has the biggest beard and the longest hair.
Besides being hairy, he’s believed to be responsible for the game and level design as well as the marketing for Lumini and Speelbaars.

Check his personal website: www.gamebaard.nl
Or follow Steven on Twitter: twitter.com/Ithunn