We are Speelbaars, a group of nine ambitious and motivated students from the HKU in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Enthusiastic and moderatly crazy, we decided to work together on a game to see if we could reach and entertain a worldwide audience with our own take on the game industry.

Inspired by the succes from other groups and companies, that started their careers at the same university, we set out into the world to find our limits and when found; break them.

Following this philosophy we bring you this site with regular updates about our ongoing endeavors (currently project “Lumini”) and we hope to provide the world with our games for a long time to come.



Luc is Game Designer and Programmer at Speelbaars.
He is a team player, despite constantly claiming to just do what he wants. He tried to
manage the team, but quickly discovered that it was impossible. However, to Luc’s surprise,
anarchy seems to be a perfectly fine management strategy as well.

Site: www.lucvdp.com
Twitter: twitter.com/LucVeigadaPalma



Niels Koopmans is Game Designer and Programmer at Speelbaars.
He is often called a robot, coding for many hours straight. His focus actually keeps him sane during long days, with those strange people around him. He is busy with almost everything gamedesign related and builds large portions of the game in Unity c#. His goal in life is to climb a waterfall like any determined fish should.

You can find Niels’ site at www.koopmansgamedesign.nl

Follow Niels on twitter @Niels_Koopmans,
or become friends on Facebook: facebook.com/koopmans.niels



Speelbaars is a group of peculiar personalities, as such Michiel is an eccentric artist who’s skillset in art is very broad. He provides Speelbaars with a variety of 2D art, 3D art, technical art and strange noises during work hours. To Michiel the most important parts of a game are atmosphere and subliminal aesthetics.

Check his personal website: www.mvtienhoven.carbonmade.com/
Or follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/MvTienhoven



Olof is one of the artists at Speelbaars.
He provides the team with 3D and 2D art, level design as well as a healthy dose of puns. He also has a passion for manatees and anything related to prehistory.

Find Olof at www.olofmoleman.stormhammergames.com/



Steven is the loud one of the group, he also has the biggest beard and the longest hair.
Besides being hairy, he’s believed to be responsible for the game and level design as well as the marketing for Lumini and Speelbaars.

Check his personal website: www.gamebaard.nl
Or follow Steven on Twitter: twitter.com/Ithunn



Gijs Driesenaar is the composer and sound designer at Speelbaars. Game audio is his passion and he tries not only to enhance the game with audio, but to create an extra layer of emotion and atmosphere. He makes interesting interactive music and immersive sound, but can only do that when he is alone, in total silence.

Check his website at www.gijsdriesenaar.com



Brenda is one of the artists at Speelbaars. She provides the team with 2D concept art and narrative ideas. Even though she joined the team later, she has already fully adapted to the insanity that keeps Speelbaars going. Led by her ambitions and dreams she aims to, at the very least, take over the world. Or just be a really good artist… whichever comes first.

Visit www.brendavanvugt.nl to view her portfolio.



Rogier is one of the newer artists selected for the Speelbaars team, selected through many trials and extreme difficulties. Rogier does 2D & 3D art with a preference for creatures. He enjoys sleeping out, playing multiplayer games and swimming.

See www.rogierstam.com for more of his work


Dilay Erol is a 2D concept artist who joined the insane team of Speelbaars recently. She provides the team with concept art for environments and assets with narrative in mind. She enjoys creating worlds and never really stops drawing, for inspiration comes at the most unexpected moments. Of course, an occasional JRPG or adventure game is fun too.

Want to see more of Dilay’s work? Go to www.dilaye.com