Hello you!

Thank you for visiting our site. Currently we, here at Speelbaars, are very busy developing Lumini, so you can enjoy our work of art to the fullest once the first playable demo is released.

The reason we do this is clear. At least for us it is.

We want to create games for people all around the world for two basic reasons:

 1. We want people to enjoy life and hope to contribute to that this way.

 2. We want to see if we are capable to reach a big audience and influence, however small, their lives for the better.

You could say we want to make games for the same reason that most people make games, but for us it’s important to stand out and prove ourselves. We will never be satisfied with just a fun game. It needs to be more than that. It needs to give people a new experience, something that other games haven’t given them yet.

Will we succeed in this? Probably not at our first try, but you need to aim at something right?

So while you are here, give us some support or critique. ‘Whatever floats your goat’ as Olof (one of our game artists) would say. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or on this website of course, and lets hope that you will be hearing a lot from us in the future!

– Steven Honders