About the Game Art for Lumini

Coming up with an artstyle is never an easy job, but making one for unique games like Lumini is especially challenging. We’re a group of perfectionists, so we put a lot of effort into making all aspects of the game count.


Atmosphere is one of the key points of what makes Lumini great and as such the art vastly determines the outcome of the Lumini experience. We decided to build a beautiful alien planet, with it’s own characteristics, from scratch. That means we take a lot of time considering questions as such: What is the foodchain of the flora and fauna on this planet? What is the gravity on this planet like? What would happen if this planet catches more sunlight than the Earth?


 The art of Lumini is a mixture of the criteria we uphold, which are aesthetics, flow, action and exploration. Because the emotions we try to evoke are varied, the world doesn’t lean to one particular artstyle. Instead the game allows you to experience all kinds of feelings in a simple, elegant way.


– Michiel van Tienhoven