Why would you donate?

Why would you donate? We like to think that we’re creating a game that you will like. We are currently doing this as part of a school project, aimed at creating a company that is self-sufficient at the end of the project. Self-sufficient in this case means that we use our own Software Licences and […]

Monetization for YouTube footage.

Since the question has been asked multiple times since we’ve shared our demo with the outside world.       “Are we allowed to monetize the videos of your game Lumini?” Yes, yes you are allowed to make as much money as you can with the videos you are making and sharing, about our game Lumini. As […]

Lumini OST

Ok, it’s not an entire OST. But it is an Audio mix made by our Audio designer, Gijs Driesenaar. It’s a compilation based on the music as it will be implemented in our game (Lumini).   Give it a good hear I guess! https://soundcloud.com/gijsdriesenaar/lumini-meeting-the-evolution – Steven Honders