Monetization for YouTube footage.

Since the question has been asked multiple times since we’ve shared our demo with the outside world.

      “Are we allowed to monetize the videos of your game Lumini?”

Yes, yes you are allowed to make as much money as you can with the videos you are making and sharing, about our game Lumini. As long as you give credits, to where they belong. That being us ‘Speelbaars’.

We made the game to be enjoyed by people. You are people and your watchers are people. You help us, reaching a broader audience. So it’s only normal that you can use it for some kind of compensation. Hope this answers the question for a lot of you!

Also, if you make YouTube videos about games, or write about games and you didn’t receive a copy of our demo and still want to? You can contact us and we’ll try to help you!

- Steven Honders (steven[at]