YouTube; Lumini Let’s Plays, Impressions and more.

Over the past three months a lot of people made videos of Lumini.

As a way to thank you all, we’ve created this list of all the videos we received or found ourselves.

We’ve had a lot of fun watching all of you play our game. Seeing people having fun with what we created, made us unbelievably proud and gave us even more motivation to further develop Lumini!

If you have the time, take a look at these awesome videos! – by World of Pac – by mrkingofmetal – by Indelacio Let’s play – by Kazzoi – by Naked chef Gaming – by Rose Reaper’s Geek Tea Party – by Miss Lily Plays – by Arjen Plays – by PrescriptionPixel – by Silence Ninja Gameplays – by Supervihn47 – by OGNerd – by MrRandomguy466 – by Cr4zEx – by Horchundgucklp (Horchi) – by Vertigo Teaparty – by Supascury – by CoffeeSipGame and – by Fairweather Games – by HiredHelp and – by FTCazzgames – by FireproofTree

For those that want to make a video of Lumini, you are free to do so!

We allow you to monetize your videos as long as you don’t take credit for our work.

For questions/inquiries, send a mail to