Lumini to take over the world, but first Greenlight!

Speelbaars would like to announce the fact that Lumini is now on Steam Greenlight, available for voting. As with any new indie developers, we need to get through Steam’s submission system to distribute our game in the future on Steam. For this we need the help of the gaming community around the globe.

We hope that those who are already familiar with the game, will support us by voting for Lumini on our Greenlight page. For those that are not yet familiar with Lumini, you’re missing out! Although that is just our humble and biased opinion, of course..

Lumini is a flow adventure game in which you are responsible for the survival of a species, in a world full of things that are out to get you. You can split your swarm of Lumini and control both sides separately and breed new and better Lumini to replace the ones you’ve lost. Bring your swarm to safety!


- You can split your swarm into two groups and control both of them separately to solve puzzles or confuse monsters.

- Based on your actions in the game, the Lumini will evolve into different kinds with each their own abilities.

- Both a relaxing and exciting adventure to create an experience you’ll never forget!

- Explore and discover the history of the Lumini and the world they inhabit.

- Immersive and fully adaptive audio system, to enhance the different experiences in the game.


You can download our (pre-alpha) demo here:

Convinced? If so, please visit our Greenlight page here.. … and give us a ‘YES’!