How Do Lumini Move?

We’re currently making a lot of progress on Lumini! With this blogpost, we’d like to give you a little insight into how the Lumini and their movements are programmed and how their behaviour has evolved during the development process. In Lumini, you control an entire swarm, instead of just one character. For the demo that […]

Panda Pounce

So Panda Pounce has been released for over a week now. It’s downloadable here on the website, or you can play it on Kongregate with your friends. We made the game to celebrate the fact that Speelbaars is one year old. We sat down for a week to make a party game so everyone can […]

Animecon 2014

We had a blast at Animecon 2014. Although different from other events where we showcase our game, we received a lot of useful feedback. We hope a lot of you enjoyed playing Lumini and some of us will certainly be back for next year!   Steven also made photo’s of some awesome cosplayers, posing with […]

YouTube; Lumini Let’s Plays, Impressions and more.

Over the past three months a lot of people made videos of Lumini. As a way to thank you all, we’ve created this list of all the videos we received or found ourselves. We’ve had a lot of fun watching all of you play our game. Seeing people having fun with what we created, made […]

Lumini to take over the world, but first Greenlight!

Speelbaars would like to announce the fact that Lumini is now on Steam Greenlight, available for voting. As with any new indie developers, we need to get through Steam’s submission system to distribute our game in the future on Steam. For this we need the help of the gaming community around the globe. We hope […]

Start using Twitter!

A lot of developers nowadays use social media. For networking, marketing or just social conversation. Still a lot of people, mostly new developers, answer ‘no’ when I ask them is they have a twitter handle. It surprises me that in this day and age, not every developer or aspiring developer, starts with setting up a […]

New gameplay trailer

It’s been out for a while already. But there is no reason not to share it. Our new game play trailer. It focuses more on the game play possibilities and mechanics of Lumini. So if you’ve got questions about what is possible, or how to execute certain actions. Or just want to relax for a […]

Why would you donate?

Why would you donate? We like to think that we’re creating a game that you will like. We are currently doing this as part of a school project, aimed at creating a company that is self-sufficient at the end of the project. Self-sufficient in this case means that we use our own Software Licences and […]

Monetization for YouTube footage.

Since the question has been asked multiple times since we’ve shared our demo with the outside world.       “Are we allowed to monetize the videos of your game Lumini?” Yes, yes you are allowed to make as much money as you can with the videos you are making and sharing, about our game Lumini. As […]